Bloopers and Gag Reels
4.25 USD

Formerly known as: Grab Bags!

Making new colors and mixing colors by hand, bottle-by-bottle results in LOTS of bottles that are a) off-spec, b) testers for colors or pigments that aren't specifically any named color, or c) ones taken out of circulation. Rather than just having those piling up and taking up space, I thought I'd sell them so you guys can get a taste of ITNP at half price!

Choose whether you want a full size or a mini (full is a half ounce, roughly the size of a store brand bottle; mini is somewhere between a third or a half of that), and I'll get one at random from the big ol' box of bloopers!

Tell me if there's any colors you don't like or don't look good in, and if I get one, I'll draw another!

If you really like it and it's an unnamed one, you get to pick the name, and I'll add it to the shop!