Blurry Demon - Geeky Sleepy Hollow Nail Polish
8.50 USD

Remember when Sleepy Hollow had that perfect first season, including a villain that refused to be in focus and move like a normal living thing and because of that was SO SPOOKY? This polish is for him.

Blurry Demon is a matte polish (and so thinner than my usual polish base). It's off-white like bleached bones, with bronzey microglitter scattered through it. It's also got a scoop in each bottle of diatomaceous earth, which is made of ancient micro-fossils and seems thematically appropriate (and helps make it extra matte-y). 

All polishes are made to order when you buy, so please allow at least two weeks before shipping; if you need it sooner, contact me first! Full size bottles are a 1/2 oz like most store brands; minis are somewhere between a third and a half of that.

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