Catching Fire - A Literary Hunger Games nail polish
8.50 USD

Sometimes when I read a book, I get a really clear picture of the polish I want to make for it, and this one is one of them! 

Like Katniss's dress, Catching Fire is all shades of red and gold and orange. It's a mix of shred glitter, bar glitter and matching sparkles, dense and packed with interest! Used best as a detail over a dark color like in the pic, but also does wonderful things over a full nail! Will have lots of texture if you use it on it's own, since it'll take a few coats to cover, but sometimes a super-textured nail is just what you want!

All polishes are made to order when you buy, so please allow at least two weeks before shipping; if you need it sooner, contact me first! Full size bottles are a 1/2 oz like most store brands; minis are somewhere between a third and a half of that.

Pic from the always wonderful Lothwen at