Custom Nail Color
9.50 USD

Have you been looking for a color that doesn't seem to exist? Have you been looking for a color inspired by your fav fandom that no one else makes stuff for?? Have you really been dreaming about having your very own polish that no one else has???

This is the listing for you!

When you order, include the following info in the notes or comments, or message me:
- What color: a photo reference is a nice bonus
- Glossy or matte or, like, a half-matte?
- What sort of polish you're looking for: cream, jelly, opaque, metallic, frosty, etc
- What sort of special effects or glitter you'd like: sparkles? hilites? color shift? big or small glitter? what color or shape of glitter? how much glitter or sparkle or what-have-you?
- Any neat stuff: sand? salt? paper? tea? I've put all of these into nailpolishes before!

NOTE: here's some definitions of nail polish terms:

I flipping LOVE doing customs, they're so fun! Each order includes one bottle of your polish, and I'll keep the recipe so you can reorder if you like; you get to name it, and if you really like it, I'll add it to the shop and give you credit and link to whatever online thing you want me to, if you like. I'll mix it and send you pics, and you can tweak it two or three times until it's just right!