I Am The Clock - 12 Monkeys Time Travel NailPolish
8.50 USD

Did you guys see that finale??? Absolute perfection! I've never been happier with the end of a series or more devistated that it's done! I will never ever be over it ever, go watch it whole if you haven't already.

So here's another 12 Monkeys nail polish! I Am The Clock is a slightly chilly, slightly hard, but nevertheless warm tobacco brown for Mrs Dr Jones. It has the same glitter as the scav polishes (listed elsewhere in the shop!): A glittery micro holo and a few gunmetal hexes. For all the bullets.

All polishes are made to order when you buy, so please allow at least two weeks before shipping; if you need it sooner, contact me first! Full size bottles are a 1/2 oz like most store brands; minis are somewhere between a third and a half of that.

Pic from the always wonderful Lothwen at www.manisandmakeovers.com !