Polish of the Month Club
40 USD

Each month, you'll receive a club-exclusive color of full-size Incidental Twin polish, or two coordinating minis, also club exclusive colors! The club last for twelve months, six months or three months, and ships at the beginning of each month--your first one will come at the next beginning of a month from when you place your order. For instance, if you order within the first week, before I place that month's order, you'll get it this month; if you order later than the first week, you'll get it at the beginning of next month; either way, you'll continue to get a new shipment each month after for the length you sign up for!

You can't beat that.

Your exclusive colors will be whatever theme sparks my inspiration each month, but your selection will be geeky or bookish, and either shimmery or glittery, or both, in a selection of colors and finishes. And best of all, these colors can only be purchased as part of the club for at least a year! Afterward, Club Colors will only be available in sets, and not all of them will go on sale.

Price covers the cost of mailing all twelve / six / three of your selections. Choose One full size or two minis when you order; if you don't choose, it defaults to one full size. If you move or need a hold during the length of your membership, just email me! And if you're a member of the Polish of the Month Club, you get access to a free shipping coupon--that's right, any additional colors you purchase while in the club ship free!