Portal - A geeky fantasy duochrome nail polish topper
12.50 USD

One of the earlier Genre toppers: Named after Portal Fantasies, where people from earth wind up in a strange other world like Narnia! Some of the earliest books I ever read were portal fantasies!

Portal shifts blue to reddish-purpleish and shows up best over a dark base like shown in the pic, but will make anything SO SHINY. If you wear it alone, it'll build up to a shiny, magical-looking white with color shift in the light!

All polishes are made to order when you buy, so please allow at least two weeks before shipping; if you need it sooner, contact me first! Full size bottles are a 1/2 oz like most store brands; minis are somewhere between a third and a half of that.

Pic from the always wonderful Lothwen at www.ManisAndMakeovers.com